Collection of experimental functions (beta)


constrain_matrix_for_exponents(expos, threshold)

Creates a matrix which reduces exponents which are summed higher then the threshold


Gets difference of consecutive elements in vector, starting with the first element

edge_detection(y, ab, g)

Performs edge detection applying joint line models

find_max_mask(y, msks[, locs, range_start, ...])

Advanced peak finder with masked samples and search intervals.

load_source_csv(filename[, time_format, K, ...])

Loads time series from csv file with/without header section.

mpoly_fit_subspace1(betas, beta_expo, ...[, ...])

Fits a multivariate polynomial to polynomial subspace with corresponding coordinates

poly_filter(y, ab, g[, poly_degree])

Performs edge detection applying joint line models

zero_cross_ind(y[, threshold])

Returns a list of the indeces of zero crossings