lmlib.utils.generator.load_csv(file, K=- 1, k_start=0, channel=0, ds_rate=1, **kwargs)#

loads csv data as a single-channel data shape

load_csv calls numpy.genfromtxt with a different interface.

  • file (str) – path to csv file (with ‘.csv’ ending )

  • K (int, optional) – signal length, default loads whole data (K=-1)

  • k_start (int, optional) – start of signal, default starts at k_start=0

  • channel (int, optional) – load column of csv with the index specified by `channel default is 0 and loads the first column

  • ds_rate (int) – down-sample rate (ds_rate >= 1)

  • kwargs (optional) – keyword arguments passed to numpy.genfromtxt to exclude header add skip_header=numbers_of_header_lines


y – 1 dimensional array of containing signal values over time

Return type